Nenana City School District is located in Nenana, Alaska. We are 55 miles south of Fairbanks and 300 miles north of Anchorage on the Parks Highway. Our district serves 200 K-12 students at the Nenana City Public School and 800 correspondence student through the CyberLynx K-12 program, with satellite offices in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Wasilla. The Nenana Student Living Center is home to up to 88 high school students who come from all over Alaska to attend Nenana City Public School. Please see the Nenana Living Center and CyberLynx pages for more information on these programs. Nenana is also the home of the Nenana Ice Classic.

Nenana School District is privileged to have an outstanding and experienced staff. The District has a strong record of academic and vocational education success. Staff take seriously the mission of providing the best possible education to prepare youth for advancement in today’s complex world.

2014 Nenana District Report Card 

2014 Nenana CyberLynx Report Card

2014 Nenana City Public School Report Card


We are excited to announce that parents can now add money to their child’s lunch account online through our new Nenana School District Web Store! Parents can make payments online from their home or work computer, any time of the day. If their child’s lunch account balance is low, it takes just a few minutes to make an online payment using a Discover, MasterCard or VISA credit or debit card.

Payments will be processed on a secure site, powered by RevTrak. Visit http://nenanalynx.revtrak.net  for more detailed instructions on making your online payments.

                                                                        Visit www.RevTrak.com to learn more about our new online payment processor.

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Our Mission:

To provide all students with the tools and learning environment necessary to commit to achieving success.