Nenana Student Living Center

Nenana Student Living Center
Executive Director:  Eric Gebhart, Superintendent of NCSD
Director:  Joseph Digrande
Associate Director:  Hannah Barkey Filardi
Address:  P.O. Box 442
Nenana AK 99760
Telephone:  (907) 832-2000
FAX:  (907) 832-5277
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NSLC Student Handbook 2016-17

The Nenana Student Living Center houses approximately 100 students in grades 9-12, who come from villages large and small from all over Alaska. Their parents, who know their children will receive a challenging, rewarding, enriching, and relevant 21st century education in a safe and positive environment, often make large sacrifices to send their children here.

The Nenana City Public School is committed to preparing our students to be successful in the real world. We are a STEM-based school, funded largely by the Alaska Native Education Grant, that integrates science, technology, engineering, and math into every class (including English, History, Art, & Music), and utilizes project-based learning to enable students to make real life connections and real world applications. With Project Lead the Way (PLTW) as our foundation, we are able to offer students courses in Engineering, Bio-Medical Science, Human Body Systems, Robotics, Forensics, 3-D Design & Printing, Physics, and college-level math such as Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Trigonometry. We are also proud to offer an Aviation Pathway that includes ground school, aircraft mechanics, and private pilot training. Finally, we offer numerous CTE courses, including Welding, Small Engine Repair, Auto Shop, and Construction Trades & Building Sciences, which afford our students the opportunity to receive state certification in those fields.

Many of the students who come to Nenana often arrive without goals and unsure of their future. However, these same students usually graduate four years later confident of their career choices and prepared for the post-graduate training required to make them successful. Much of this can be attributed to our excellent tutoring opportunities. The Nenana Student Living Center provides one hour of mandatory study hall/tutoring, facilitated by a certified teacher, for all students who have poor or failing grades. Additionally, certified teachers from the high school regularly provide their own after school tutoring, both at the school and at the Living Center.

Yet, even if prepared academically and/or provided with a strong set of work skills, many students are not prepared for college life or for living on their own after high school. The Nenana Living Center provides infinite opportunities for students to experience campus-style living while learning valuable time management and independent life skills in high school before they go away to college or enter the workforce. Add a strong sense of community, a wide variety of enrichment activities such as hiking and Native Dancing, a family atmosphere, and a nurturing and supportive environment, and the Nenana Student Living Center becomes an ideal home-away-from-home for each student.

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